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Jewellery Care


All of our pearl jewellery is crafted from genuine Freshwater , Tahitian or South Sea earls and set in fine Sterling Silver or Gold. To maintain the rich natural luster of your pearls , ensure that you store them separately  from other metal jewellery, preferably in a pouch or wrapped in a soft cloth to prevent them from being scratched and / or damaged. Do not use standard jewellery cleaners unless they are designated for use  with pearl jewellery.  Always dress by putting your pearls on last, avoiding perfume, hairspray, and cosmetics.


Your gemstone jewellery needs to be maintained to display their natural colour, luster and special optical  intensity. Simply wiping your stones with a damp and then dry cloth is sufficient to revitalise your gemstones to their full brilliance.  Please ensure that you use a specially manufactured silver or gold polishing cloth to clean the settings and chains. Caution is needed when using chemical cleaners and ultrasonics as not all gemstones can tolerate these cleaning methods. 

If doing household work, remove it whilst performing tasks that could bring it into contact with chemicals or with rough surfaces such as cleaning and gardening etc. 

Don't wear jewellery in swimming pools as chlorine agents found in swimming pools can react with the metals and gemstones, possibly distorting the colour of the metals and they erode the finish of the gemstones.

Remove jewellery before playing sport as your Jewellery could be lost or  damaged.

Remove your jewellery before bathing as soap can cause a film to form on top of your jewellery. We advise you to avoid allowing soap to come into contact with your jewellery in order to preserve pearl and gemstone lustre.

 925 Sliver quality    925 Sliver quality